The Website Thing

After years of having a website that looked like it belonged in 2001, I saved up my tip jar and lo and behold, the new and vastly improved website is here filled with lot’s of new stuff!

The popular Headshot Hall of Fame game is still here and I’ve added a new puzzle game, too. 

In The Past section, you’ll be able to see photos from some of your favorite cult films from my own collection in addition to see the original shooting scripts (complete with my terribly handwritten notes) and original call sheets.

Let me know what you think.


Now on

Latest appearances and interviews

Estee Chandler dug into her treasure trove of old photos and shared some gems with us to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Teen Wolf Too.

The YouTube interview with Dean and me on Two Dollar Late Fee

In episode 66, Zak & Dustin interview Dean Cameron & Stuart Fratkin! It’s a Ski School reunion! 

Interview with Geof from GCap Recap who posted a glowing review of They Came From Outer Space (I reward people who stroke my ego)

Stuart Fratkin & Richard Horvitz & Dean Cameron

Teen Wolf Too with Stuart Fratkin and Scott Powell