The Past

Way back when I was just a pimply faced punk from the valley, aside from annoying the crap out of my teachers, learning how to play the drums and jamming with my friends (let’s here for Private Drive), I wanted to be an actor. So, I’m fortunate to say, here are some of the various projects I’ve done over the years with recaps of the time, original scripts from the projects and the original call sheets.

Feel free to sit back and reminisce about watching Ski School for the first time in college. Or, when you saw the sequel to Teen Wolf and said, “wait a second…who the hell is that mullet headed bastard playing Stiles!” If you were one of the lucky ones who had the honor of seeing They Came From Outer Space in LA, New Mexico or New York, all of your onset dreams have come true!

Peruse, Enjoy. Don’t steal any of my photo’s though, they’re watermarked for a reason, You know who you are….

Beans Baxter


Teen Wolf Too


Under the Boardwalk


They Came from Outer Space


Ski School


Golden Girls


Dr. Alien


Quantum Leap




Bits and Bites