They Came from Outer Space

After Ski School wrapped and my wife-to-be, Monica, was out of of town on location, Dean and I spent countless days and nights together playing Mario Brothers, going to drive-ins (Day’s of Blunder) and making prank phone calls. We’re both auditioning a lot and often times for the same role; during the audition process for this show, both Dean and I go to the network for a Pilot called “Talk of the Town” as the team mascot. 2/3 of us didn’t get the roll as the person who got it, went in wearing a full crab suit costume. I kid you not. This was actually kismet, as we get a script for a show that will be priemiering on a new network (I’m beginning to sense a theme with my career) for a show called “They Came From Outer Space”. Dean and I both are going to audition for the role of Abe but in a stroke of creative genius, we ask if we can go in to audition for the brothers from outer space together, me playing Abe and Dean playing Bo. The answer was yes and Dean and I proceed to improvise the shit out of our scenes and make up a song based on a character we were obsessed with in Canada, David Paymer from the movie Crazy People kept saying “Hi” or “Hello” to everything he saw/met/tasted. Dean and I incorporate that into the song “Hi, hello, how are you” in the first scene we read together. I dare say it was magical, but it was. Like hitting the sweet spot on a bat for a home run, we basically knocked it out of the park. We knew this after the first audition for the producers, Sheldon Pinchuk, said sarcastically, “loved the writing, hated the acting”. The show went on to only be shown in certain markets but was immensely popular and one of the proudest moments in my career.

Show recap: The series stars Dean Cameron as Bo, and Stuart Fratkin as Abe, two teenage fraternal twin aliens from the planet Crouton. They thwart their parents’ plans to send them to Cambridge University, in Great Britain, and instead they decide to travel throughout California in their 1959 classic red Chevrolet Corvette, in an effort to pick up women and to learn more about life on Earth. They are pursued by a pair of bumbling U.S. Air Force officers, Lt Col. Tom Barker, and Lt. Pat “Monkey” Wilson, who would like to capture the two for scientific study. Abe and Bo were constantly taking odd jobs to support themselves on their American road trip.


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