Ski School

I got this script and originally read for the part of Dave Marshall (soon to be Marshak). Had, what I would call, an amazing audition. On the mark. Perfect. I’m going to get this. I own this. My first leading role!! Name above the title!!! MY. ANIMAL. HOUSE!!!! Not so fast….they make an offer to fellow “Interview Guy” and arch (in my head) nemesis, Dean Cameron. Now, I’d had several run in’s with Dean over the years, often being compared to him, (we’re looking for a Dean Cameron type) to feeling like I was going to get the role I was born to play on the TV version of the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Fast TImes, only to get beat again by DEAN CAMERON. So, back to Ski School. They offer Dave Marshall to Dean. He accepts it and offer some outcast named Fitz to me but promise to rewrite it with my input (which is parlance for a jack off). I think about this for a while, my agent negotiates killer billing for this role and I would be second, third, fourth who the fuck knows banana but….I get to meet and work with DEAN CAMERON. I accept and it’s definitely one of the most fun, creative and lucrative (See They Came From Outer Space) jobs I’ve done.

And yes, the stories are true, Dean and I wrote Who’s Underwear is this? Birth of the Lambada, Helium Theatre and Godzirra.

Film recap: A hard-partying section of the school, Section 8, led by Dave Marshak and Fitz Fitzgerald (Dean Cameron & Stuart Fratkin) must face a more buttoned-up section of the school led by Reid Janssens (Mark Thomas Miller) to save their jobs. They recruit hotshot newcomer, John Roland (Tom Bresnahan) to help them win an end-of-the-season skiing competition and also play a series of hilarious pranks on Reid and his cronies (especially, Derek and Eric) along the way.


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