I’ve seen this question on social media, commenting on what I’ve been doing and how it’s sad that I have a job. Let me address this question/comment; people work to make money. There. I said it. Phew! I feel so much better now.

In 2002 I took a regular job so I could give my growing family the kind of life I believed they deserved. Thankfully, I was still able to work a little in showbiz and build a foundation for my family and my retirement while still keeping a toe in showbiz. After my daughter graduated from college, I pledged that I’d slowly get back to auditioning and hopefully working. Then, Covid-19 had other plans. First up was redoing this website for fans and showbiz folk who wanted to see what I look like today and cast me as the wacky dad. Or the wacky attorney. Or snarky attorney. Or snarky dad. I digress.

I’ve been living a life.